About Us

The Attic Fox was birthed as a defiant response to the notion of cocktails (and their non-alcoholic mocktail variants) as elevated beverages with complex tastes and gradation meant to be enjoyed in exquisite settings.

Specialising in limited-batch, bottled-on-demand beverages, the Attic Fox believes that the best drinks are the ones that are robust enough to bring you joy regardless of whether you’re pulling out the bells and whistles such as crystal glassware and opulent ice spheres; using a plain old IKEA mug and ice from your freezer; or perhaps even drinking straight from the bottle!

Whether you’re enjoying our bottled libations with something to eat or alone on its own, alone or with loved ones, or in celebration or despair, we’re confident our curated selection of cocktails and mocktails will fit the occasion.

The Attic Fox is supported by a small group of fox cubs who help to bring The Fox’s liquid libations direct to discerning individuals.